Hello Goodbye

Two Racing Junior bands within the same week? Just shows that good 3hivers think alike. When a Swede was named coach of the English national soccer team, an angry British tabloid columnist wrote: “We’ve sold our birthright down the fjord to a nation of seven million skiers and hammer-throwers who spend half their lives in darkness.” If that’s what it takes to make music like the Scandanavians, i.e., Norway’s Hello Goodbye and Kawaii and Sweden’s The Radio Dept, who exactly do I need to sell my birthright to?

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A quick fix, a swift blow to the gut, a pick-me-up to jump-start your day, or to give you that second wind you’ll need just as you’re dozing off in front of your computer at 3pm. Bonk’s a bunch of Norwegian hippies doing punk rock by way of Motown. Don’t doubt. Believe.

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Is it live or is it Memorex? (Wow, that reference seems really dated…) A band or someone hiding behind a curtain of computers? Either way it’s as if robots recorded My Bloody Valentine music in the Mojave desert. But robots like the Tin Man, who had heart.

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