Dragster is a speaker-melting garage rock band out of Rennes, France. Their style is fierce and grimey- somewhat similar to Thee Oh Sees. Check out the fuzzy, distorted, burner “Lou l’Enfer Chasseur De Dragons” from their new EP, Ganja War, below. The Ganja War EP is available now on cassette from Six Tonnes De Chair Records or digitally from Dragster’s Bandcamp page.

Dragster – Lou l’Enfer Chasseur De Dragons from Ganja War EP (2014)

Low Culture

Nothing beats an old comfortable chair. You can sit in other chairs and they’ll treat you right, but you always go back to the comfortable one. I have a chair like this in my house. It’s way old, a bit tattered, and you can feel a couple of the springs when you sit in it, but man, when you need to relax it always does the trick. Punk rock is like the old comfortable chair. I can go far away from it, listening to music on the opposite end of the spectrum, but when I hear a good punk rock song, it’s like being back in the comfortable chair. When I heard Low Culture for the first time today, I was back in the comfortable chair. Low Culture just released their debut LP (vinyl only for now) Screens on Dirtnap. The band is made up of members of The Marked Men and Shang-A-Lang. The title track below is a great punk rock song. It’s quick, it’s tight, it’s kind of grimey–not over-produced. Hear for yourself, then hurry over to Dirtnap’s store and get you a copy of the LP, they only pressed a few hundred, or you can wait until the digital version is released on January 9th. Enjoy.

Low Culture – Screens from Screens (2012/2013)

Dirtnap Records