Mother Mother

I’ve been sitting on Mother Mother for too long. Please accept my apologies. They got lost in the shuffle that is my life, although I’ve been playing this track on my radio show for months. So I haven’t been completely hoarding the goods. “O My Heart,” the album’s title track, recalls the Pixies in a big way, especially the vocal play between Frank Black and Kim Deal. I don’t make that comparison lightly. I only do so because the band pulls it off beautifully and I only do so because the band is so much more than a Pixies rehash. In fact, the band probably shares more sonic sensibilities with their Canadian labelmates The New Pornographers. The band began as an acoustic trio, with brother and sister team Ryan and Molly Guldemond and Debra-Jean Creelman. All sing, contributing to the band’s arena worthy harmonies. It’s the play between Mother Mother’s big rock sound and their coffee house intimacy that gives the band that comfort food sound.

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