My “3hive” bookmarks folder has, sheez I don’t know exactly, hundreds of links to bands that I have bookmarked over the years. For one reason or another, most of them hadn’t made it onto our pages, the biggest reason being a lack of free MP3’s to link to. Looking back through said bookmarks folder brought me first to The Dutch Elms, who did appear on 3hive four years ago, and then to Suretoss, who didn’t make it. Looking back, it was probably because these songs below were listed as belonging to a future release. I can’t tell if they were ever released, but upon this recent listening I found that I still enjoy Suretoss’s spirited indie rock which reminds me of old faves like Superchunk and Les Thugs. More songs can be found on their site.

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Dutch Elms

I can’t find out a damn thing about the Dutch Elms, but does that really matter when they purvey such pristine pop? No indie snobbishness, no “we’re making art” pretentiousness; just jangling, dancing, harmonizing fun. This pop is as pure as it can get.

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Ah, Rocketship… Back in 1995, Sam and I were college roommates and I bought a Rocketship 7-inch. I should have bought two copies, ’cause I listened to the song “Naomi and Me” so much that today that vinyl is unbearable to listen to, with all the hisses and crackling from overplaying. So, Sam, as you listen to these songs, just close your eyes and think back to our room and the Kylie Minogue poster on the wall.

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