Cafeteria Dance Fever

The summer may have just begun, officially, but it’s that time of the year: the late June music funk. Funk not as in George Clinton funk, but funk as in I just can’t find anything I want to listen to. The Gossip‘s That’s Not What I Heard and Slumberland Records’ podcasts have been the only things keeping me going. But what better to get me outta this funk than a bunch of noise. This Portland quartet makes a mighty racket with their screwy punk rock screaming and pounding. These tracks may be a few years old, but they work.

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Hey Lover

Hey Lover is the latest boy/girl duo to be covered here on 3hive. So while Hey Lover proves the genre is still going strong, with plenty of opportunity in the single guitar and drums space, this Portland band is also the most likely to destroy their kit with their frantic punk-pop pounding. And that’s a good thing.

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