Westbound Train

Clay’s posting of The Busters prompted a little combative traffic in our Comments section. Eigner requested, “please no ska,” to which Ali responded, “please more ska!” Yep, things are getting pretty heated here on our humble blog. Being a ska band veteran (trombone), I’m gonna side with Ali and — not to rub it in, Eigner — honor his request. Boston ska-pop kids Westbound Train bring in a little smooth jazz and R&B into their mix, matched nicely by the mellow vocals of Obi Fernandez, on their Hellcat Records debut from last fall. Hey Clay, it’s your turn!

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The Slackers

Welcome to another installment on Ska Saturday, or, as those rude girls and boys call it, Skaturday! I’m in New York City right now, and I just can’t help but think of the great ska that has come out of this city: the Toasters, the Scofflaws, the Boilers, NY Citizens, Steady Ernest, Too True, the Slackers, and many others that I won’t list here. So join with me in enjoying the Slackers as I stroll the streets of New York.

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