John P. Strohm

Yet another Internet moment — Juliana Hatfield has a new album out, Made in China, and while I was checking out the buzz about it on her website, I remembered and looked for the Blake Babies, and their website said John P. Strohm is releasing a new album soon. His website had these MP3s, full of nice psychedelic pop with a touch of country, from his two late-’90s albums, Vestavia and Caledonia. And if you like what you hear, more info about his new album (including demos and other downloads) can be found at, a site dedicated to Indiana musicians. Viva fiberoptics!

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The Mary Janes

Janas Hoyt’s beguiling voice mirrors the sliding strings and pedal steel guitar so prevalent on these tracks from Flame, The Mary Janes’ second album. Not to give further life to a country music stereotype, but the title track, included below, really does seem like an ideal theme song for driving a pick-up.

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