I know I’m supposed to write about Maritime from Milwaukee — their latest album, We, the Vehicles, was just released, they’re made up of former members of The Promise Ring and The Dismemberment Plan, and everyone else is giving them some serious press time. But the Flameshovel website’s story about the band is so affected, pretentious and self-indulgent that I kind of want to write about Maritime from Belfast and Brighton instead. The thing is, they have an annoying bio page too, and their “life-affirming folk-soul,” as exemplified by “Like a Firefly” (click here if you want to listen to it) doesn’t do it for me like the other Maritime’s excellent track “Calm,” available below. I’m not sure if the idea that “Maritime remains solidly tethered to pop perfection, but has taken space to let that pop cycle through all its permutations” helps, or even what that means really, but “Calm” is a sweet tune. Enjoy!

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Chin Up Chin Up

“We Should Have Never Lived Like We Were Skyscrapers” is one of those cleverer-than-thou song titles that’s long, pretentious, and altogether undeserving of seriousness. Yet it’s full of chaotic meaning, the kind indie musicians strive for and then deny striving for just to keep their ambivalent cred. It’s pretty much perfect for the song itself: a burbling rush to nowhere that comes across as a math-rocky Polyphonic Spree. When I read back over that description I feel like I should hate the band, but I don’t. In fact, I think I love those crazy skyscrapers.

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