Aluminum | Fully Beat |
Aluminum | Fully Beat |

San Francisco band Aluminum has finally unleashed its debut LP, Fully Beat, onto the world, and it’s not one to be taken lightly. Mark my words, this album is going to blow up!

Fully Beat is packed with fuzz, incredible male-female vocal harmonies, and an infectious groove held together tightly by Gonsalves (bass) and Natividad (drums), not to mention all the in-your-face guitar work one can handle.

Check out “Behind My Mouth” and “Everything” (below) for a taste.

Fully Beat is out tomorrow (05/24) via Felte. It’s a definite contender for album of the year, and it belongs in your collection. Enjoy.

Houses of Heaven

Houses of Heaven | Within/Without |
Houses of Heaven | Within/Without |

Oakland’s Houses of Heaven are back with their sophomore LP, Within/Without. It’s 10 solid tracks of grimy, pulsating, dark wave, mingled with early industrial elements à la Nitzer Ebb and 80s-era Ministry. Think about your scariest nightmare, this album could soundtrack that nightmare.

Check out “Within/Without” and the album standout (IMO) “Deserve” featuring Ms. Boan Mariana Saldaña on vocals (below) for a tasting.

Within/Without is out on Friday (04/26/2024) via Felte Records. Cop it. Enjoy.

Mint Field

Mint Field | Aprender a Ser |
Mint Field | Aprender a Ser |

Mint Field are a duo out of Mexico City, Mexico. Their new album Aprender a Ser (Learning To Be) is a shimmery ride through bits of dream pop, shoegaze and trip hop (that’s a bit of a stretch, but I’m going with it). The slightly blurry, yet shiny image used for the album cover describes their sound better that I ever could. If I were to rate this it would be 5 wooden nickles!

Aprender a Ser is out on Friday 10/27/2023. You need this album in your life. You can check out the singles “El Suspiro Cambia Todo”, “Nuevo Sol” and “Orquídea” below. They represent the album well. Enjoy.

June Mixtape

June 2016 from 3hive on 8tracks Radio.

16 RAD summertime hits!

1. Conveyor – What A Low Heart
2. Sculpture Club – Thieves
3. Time Travelling Toaster – Cosmosoboso
4. The Herbaliser – The Missing Suitcase
5. Leggy – Kick The Habit
6. Night School – Last Disaster
7. LiquidLight – Get Up/Get Around
8. Stefan Weich – Holy Nights
9. Cedar Spring Motel – Waiting (For The Rain)
10. B-17 – Down On The Beach
11. Sweetie – Eyeliner Kid
12. Pure Moods – Blurb
13. Newstalgia – Blake’s Theme
14. Spinach Prince – Frantic Session
15. Maple Stave – Danzig Has All The Fun
16. Odonis Odonis – Needs