Blind Pilot

The coolest thing about Blind Pilot (besides the music…I’ll get to that in a second) is that they just finished a tour of the West Coast on their BIKES! Gear and all, they pedaled their way down from Bellingham, Washington to San Diego, California. It took them just under two months. As a fellow bike commuter I’m extremely impressed by this feat. Taking the length of my commute into consideration (1.1 miles), this admiration shouldn’t come as a surprise. Likewise, after one listen to these Blind Pilot songs you’ll understand my admiration for their music. Simple, stripped down, yet completely majestic. “Go On, Say It” benefits from swelling strings and doubled vocals, but even those basic flourishes are just that. Flourishes, not crutches. “Paint or Pollen” proves Blind Pilot is capable of capturing and perfectly harnessing that elusive little thing we call pop music with nothing but the bare essentials.

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