I’m a huge fan of the early 90’s grunge music/Seattle scene. Bands like Mother Love Bone, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Skin Yard, Nirvana and Screaming Trees where my life through the end of high school and my early adult life. So when Cancers’ debut, Fatten The Leeches, showed up in the inbox and I read that the album was produced by the Godfather of grunge himself, Jack Endino, I had to check them out.

Cancers left nothing to be desired. Pounding drums, crunchy guitars and dreamy vocals. All the things that I love about grunge music. They get a damn big sound for just two people, check out “Moral Net” below for an example. When I listen to these guys it’s like I’m back in 1993 cruising to work in my P.O.S. Hyundai Excel with Skin Yard’s “1,000 Smiling Knuckles” up so loud it’s distorting the speakers.

Fatten The Leeches is available now on vinyl from Dead Broke Rekerds or digitally from Cancers’ own label Kandy Kane Records. Enjoy.

Cancers – Moral Net from Fatten The Leeches (2014)