Lullaby Baxter

I have a sneaky suspicion my friend Pat Campbell, jazz & hip-hop drummer extraordinaire, is gonna email me as soon as I post this, “Sean, I gave you Lullaby Baxter’s CD seven years ago! Where have you been??” In fact I remember sitting in Pat’s San Francisco apartment listening through his music library and I’m sure he gave me her album, Capable Egg. You can hear Pat’s work on “Knucklehead,” a subtle, space-agey jazz number. See, Lullaby Baxter used the band Pat played with back in those days, Oranj Symphonette, as her studio band on the record. Seven years later, and Lullaby Baxter is back with a new album. She’ll smite you immediately with her sultry-smooth voice that lends a timelessness to her songs. Musically, she’s a more straight forward Stereolab, slightly less whimsical, but equal in charm. I’m not sure if Lullaby is her given name, although I’d be impressed if her parents had the foresight to give her such a name. Your life would be made all the more sweeter if Lullaby sung you to sleep everynight.

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Leeroy Stagger

“Everyone in this town needs to shut up.” It’s nothing personal, just that this former roadie for Hot Hot Heat has me all excited about the oft forgotten craft of the singer-songwriter. I can’t get the chorus of gorgeous and melancholy “Just in Case” out of my head. And “I Break Hearts” is a straight-up raw crossroads kiss-off. “Oooh, don’t tell… ”

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