I was one of those kids who got beat up during recess at elementary school because I knew all of the state capitals by heart and told everyone what they were, in order. Limbeck are like that, too. Their pop is jangly (there’s that word again) and fresh, their subject matter is late-teens and early-twenties heartbreak/confusion, and their knowledge of geography is absolutely impeccable.

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Like the soundtrack to an old-fashioned gothic western (is there such a thing?), Blanche songs are creepy, twangy, and very, very pretty. With sad banjo and moody vocals, these slow, ghostly country songs let the listener drift back to the days of pre-industrial America. You know, the good old days, before the electric light bulb illuminated the sneaking shape of the sly killer and cast his shadow across the barn door for the hapless victim to see.

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