Cap'n Jazz

Label: Jade Tree
Genre: Experimental, Pop, Punk

Cap'n Jazz were such a short-lived band that their entire musical catalog fits on a double album. But what a double album it is - a sloppy, cryptic, energetic, engaging masterpiece - and it's being reissued by their erstwhile label, Jade Tree, as a double vinyl LP on June 15, 2010. To celebrate, the boys are getting the band back together for a set of reunion shows in select cities, including two sold-out shows in their hometown of Chicago. Cap'n Jazz's influence extends well beyond those 34 songs. Their musical family tree includes other Monsters of Emo - Make Believe, The Promise Ring, American Football, Owls, Ghosts and Vodka, Joan of Arc and Owen. This is the kinda musical act you make a road trip to see. And, unless they add a Detroit show, I will have one in my future. Or maybe I'll cash in some SkyMiles so Sean and I can geeeeek out at the LA show, the way we did when we saw The Promise Ring in Austin back in the day.

from Analphabetapolothology (1998):
Oh Messy Life [MP3, 4.8MB, 320kbps]
Little League [MP3, 3.7MB, 128kbps]


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Dag Nasty

Label: Dischord
Genre: Punk

Among my punk friends your credibility diminishes in direct correlation to each subsequent Dag Nasty album you profess to enjoy. Those punk friends then, according to their criteria, are much more punk than I. "Can I Say" (the beginning and end of Dag Nasty for my punk-er friends) and "Wig Out at Denko's" stand out as my favorites by far, but "Field Day" played hand in hand with those first two albums on my desert road trips to and from college over the years (Although to this day, I still haven't ripped it to my computer—that's changing today though. I mean, come on, the opening lines to the title track are, "Here on the beach I've got the sun / I've got the surf, I've got Mexican food. Life don't get better than that!).

The shift in sound between "Can I Say" and "Wig Out at Denko's" occurs mostly in the albums' tempos and vocal styles. On the second record, the band slows things down a notch and singer Peter Cortner sings more often than he yells on "Wig Out at Denko's." The transformation continues on "Field Day." Basically, the band continued to add more melodic elements to its hardcore sound, thus they're often cited as one of the bands that influenced later emo bands (I threw up in my mouth a little bit just using that term. Ugh.).

. . . I just axed most of this review. Rehashing the band's history was boring me, and hell, anyone could find that info online, or listen to the music and make up their own mind on whether or not Dag Nasty is a band they'll enjoy. It's sad because this post doesn't do justice to the band, nor to their influence on my life. It's close to impossible to talk about bands that mean a lot to me in a space so small (see my Lloyd Cole post as another example). I could organize an entire memoir around these Dag Nasty records. Dag Nasty dominated my stereo when I met Alisa. "Four on the Floor" came out the year of my first radio show. The people and bands I worked with during the first half of this decade were likewise influenced by the band, and I expect the connections I made with Dag Nasty as their soundtrack will last a lifetime.

From Can I Say? (1986)
Values Here [MP3, 128MB, 2.2kbps]
What Now? [MP3, 160MB, 2.7kbps]

From Wig Out at Denko's (1987)
The Godfather [MP3, 128MB, 3.1kbps]
Fall [MP3, 160MB, 3.4kbps]

From Field Day (1988)
Trouble Is [MP3, 128MB, 3.3kbps]
Matt [MP3, 160MB, 1.9kbps]
All Ages Show [MP3, 128MB, 2.4kbps]

From Four on the Floor (1992)
Still Waiting [MP3, 160MB, 3.4kbps]
Million Days [MP3, 128MB, 3.4kbps]

From Minority of One (2002)
Ghosts [MP3, 160MB, 3.3kbps]
White Flag [MP3, 128MB, 3.2kbps]


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Coltrane Motion

Label: Datawaslost
Genre: Beats, Electronic, Pop, Punk

There's something about 3hive's hard drives and Coltrane Motion. Sam's crashed three years ago shortly before posting about Chicago's Coltrane Motion, and mine recently had to be replaced, too, shortly before posting about them. I had intended to also post some photos I took of Coltrane Motion when I saw them in May 2006 while in Chigaco, but I may have to blame a different hard drive crash from last summer for misplacing most of those. Which is rather unfortunate, as they played in an old church, and I got a sweet shot of Michael Bond bouncing under an enormous lighted cross while still trying to keep his mouth at microphone level and not tipping over his laptop stand. Michael, the driving force behind Coltrane Motion, is also a dead-ringer for 3hive's Sam, but alas, that photographic evidence is also missing. I did find an poor quality shot I took with my phone inside the church, which is below. Sam's description of Coltrane Motion still holds true, as further demonstrated by their first 7" release "The Year Without A Summer b/w Maya Blue," out tomorrow.

Original Post by Sam on 14 Jan 2006:
My hard drive crashed this week which, as reliant as I am on my PowerBook, is like suffering short-term memory loss. One of the few artists I remember having on tap for 3hive is Coltrane Motion, who are members of a Midwest artist-run collective/label called, irony of ironies, datawaslost. These tracks are a good representation of Coltrane Motion's "sound" — in quotes because they seem to have as many "sounds" as they have songs, due in part to their habit of making their own software and instruments. This makes remembering what I wanted to say about Coltrane Motion even more difficult. Was I pogoing to the urgent dance-punk of "I Guess the Kids Are OK" or singing along to the sizzling crooner pop of "Pi Is Exactly Three"? Cutting rug to the cheeky Beck send-up "Supersexy '67" or stroking my chin to the backmasked glitch 'n' beats of "The End of Every Movie"? Couldn't tell ya. So I guess I'll own up to liking all four. And, please, before you start downloading: a moment of silence for my hard drive...

The Year Without a Summer [MP3, 3.6MB, 192kbps]

Older songs:
I Guess the Kids Are OK [MP3, 4.0MB, 160kbps]
Pi Is Exactly Three [MP3, 4.6MB, 160kbps]
Supersexy '67 [MP3, 3.1MB, 160kbps]
The End of Every Movie [MP3, 3.1MB, 160kbps]


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Awesome Snakes

Label: Crustacean
Genre: Punk, Rock

The Awesome Snakes are Danny and Annie carrying on the legacy on their dear, departed Minneapolis band the Soviettes. Punk rock bass 'n' drums that is dirty, obnoxious, in-yer-face insulting, and full of enough attitude to make you feel young again.

These Snakes Get High [MP3, 1.0MB, 128kbps]


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Label: Wednesday
Genre: Punk

Yes, I was stoked on this song right away. Yes, it reminded me of Jawbox. No, I wasn't surprised to see that J. Robbins produced the record. No, the Jawbox comparison doesn't do the band justice. Yes, there's much more to Sylvie than that. Yes, you can stream the whole record here. Yes, you should. Yes, I'm voting today. Yes, you should vote today. No, I'm not going to tell you who I'm voting for. Yes, I'm tired of hearing about politics, tired of talking about politics, tired of politicking about politics. Yes, I'm glad 3hive just talks about music. Yes, I'm glad I found Sylvie today. Yes, they float my boat.

Please Make It Home [MP3, 3.2MB, 128kbps]


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1000 Robota

Label: Tapete
Genre: Punk

They're young (barely 18), German (yes, they sing in their native tongue), angular (think Wire, The Fall), and they're following in the footsteps of obscure '80s post-punk compatriots (Palais Schaumburg anyone? Yeah, they were new to me too). I'm showing my age when I say that I remember when people actually pogo-danced at shows, but 1000 Robata's Liquid Liquid groove coupled with their angry-Devo delivery bounce me back happily to those seminal years.

1234567 [MP3, 4.9MB, 256kbps]

[Video: Hamburg Brennt]

[Video: Mein Traum]


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The Mojomatics

Label: Ghost
Genre: Country, Punk

Italy's Mojomatics automatically struck a chord with me. They amp up The Plimsouls' folksy-punk, or Jon Spencer's bluesy-swagger, with their hyper tempo and snarky tone. And get this: there's only two of them!! I'm dying to see how they pull this off live. Make sure you grab all three of these tracks. I had a hell of a time deciding my favorite. Hit the banner below to stream a full album of honky-tonk-cow-punk, perfect for 100 MPH square-dancing. Giddy-up!

Clean My Sins [MP3, 2.3MB, 128kbps]
Miss Me When I'm Gone [MP3, 2.5MB, 128kbps]
Wait a While [MP3, 1.7, 128kbps]


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