Palm Pictures


Label: Palm Pictures
Genre: Pop, Rock

My friend Tim Ortopan, who offered the tip for Earlimart, describes their music as "intelligent pop that's true to an indie-rock spirit." I'll add four more words — brooding, ethereal, fuzzy, complex — and suggest a peek at The Ship, the multi-purpose LA music collective of which Earlimart is a part.

Susan's Husband's Gunshop [MP3, 1.1MB, 56kbps]
Hospital [MP3, 1.7MB, 128kbps]
Broke the Furniture [MP3, 2.4MB, 128kbps]
The Ending of Me (demo) [MP3, 3.9MB, 160kbps]
Across the City [MP3, 2.4MB, 160kbps]

08/24/06 Update: Early Taste of New Earlimart

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