Radical Face

Label: Morr
Genre: Pop

Sam and I are duking it out behind the scenes over Ben Cooper's musical incarnations. See, Sam beat me to the post on Electric President but was snoozing on the new release from his alter-ego, Radical Face. The rule at 3hive follows: whoever drops the links into our back-end Movable Type site first gets to review that artist. So as a place holder, I wrote: "Sure, Sam snagged electric pres, but i got radical face." I came back today to finish the post and I find this message waiting for me: "sean is a jerk." I don't want to take Sam's forthcoming humiliation public, so I'll drop it. And that's easy to do while listening to Radical Face. You just can't be mad at anyone listening to these simple, yet lush arrangements. His songs are cheerful without being sappy, well-textured without being muddy. Cooper mixes his acoustic and electronic instruments well, and during the recording of "Chewing Bottles" he did so under extenuating, yet amusing, circumstances.

Glory [MP3, 7.3MB, 160kbps]
Smile [MP3, 8.7MB, 256kbps]
Chewing Bottles [MP3, 7.2MB, 192kbps]


Posted by sean on 04.01.07 | Buy from Amazon, Insound
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