Jennifer O'Connor

Label: Matador
Genre: Folk, Rock

For some reason, I thought I'd already posted Jennifer O'Connor. I remember looking at her website, and the older songs she has available for download there were already on my iPod. Ah well, my apologies to Jennifer and her fans, and here you go. If you work her song selection from the bottom up, you can see O'Connor's development from girl-with-acoustic-guitar to full-on rocker, especially with the track "Exeter, Rhode Island," off her next album, Over the Mountain, Across the Valley, and Back to the Stars, due in August on Matador. Until then, she'll be touring through July with 3hive faves Hotel Lights and Liz Durrett.

From Over the Mountain, Across the Valley, and Back to the Stars:
Exeter, Rhode Island [MP3, 3.5MB, 160kbps]
From The Color and the Light:
The Color and the Light [MP3, 4.6MB, 160kbps]
Hole in the Road [MP3, 3.8MB, 160kbps]
From Jennifer O'Connor:
Sister [MP3, 3.5MB, 160kbps]
From Truth Love Work:
Laughlike [MP3, 3.1MB, 160kbps]

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