Horse Stories

Label: Loose
Genre: Pop, Rock

Pairing nicely with the barren alt-country of Radiogram is the energetic, jangle-pop of Melbourne's Horse Stories. Even though the bit-rate is lousy, download the total perfectness of "Bloody Time of the Year" and "You Explained Away Everything," if only to put a smile on your face. Thanks to Jennifer for the suggestion here; it was one of many that we could eventually track back to Jon's wife Heather, who politely chatted us up on Dooce not too long ago.

Firewall [MP3, 3.1MB, 128kbps]
Bloody Time of the Year [MP3, 2.3MB, 80kbps]
You Explained Away Everything [MP3, 1.7MB, 80kbps]

Posted by joe on 04.27.06 | Buy from Amazon, Insound
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