Field Music

Label: Memphis Industries
Genre: Pop

Field Music is somewhat of an all-star band in their hometown of Sunderland up there in the northeast corner of England. They've shared members with Futureheads and loaned out the drummer from Maximo Park for some album duties. Their debut album hit back in August of last year in the UK drawing comparisons to "Wire arranged by the Beach Boys," and The Beatles. And when the band lists influences ranging from My Bloody Valentine to Stravinsky to Big Star to Duke Ellington you get your hopes up. Field Music fails to disappoint. It'll be out next month in the States and I'm calling it the pop album to beat this year. I know for a fact they'll be going mano a mano with Figurines for my attention. One last note, when you buy the album listen for them lifting Lloyd Cole & The Commotions' "Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken" verbatim for the bridge in "Pieces."

You Can Decide [MP3, 1.6MB, 96kbps]
Shorter, Shorter [MP3, 1.8MB, 128kbps]
You're So Pretty [MP3, 2.3MB, 96kbps]
I'm Tired [MP3, 1.3MB, 64kbps]

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