Immaculate Machine

Label: Mint
Genre: Pop, Rock

Neal took me on my first snowboarding experience a few weeks ago, and on our way to the fake-snow-covered landfill that is skiing in SE Michigan, we listened to CBC Radio 3. What a cool show! (And a good way to get my mind off of impending pain. Actually, Neal is a GREAT teacher, and while I never managed to actually turn the snowboard on purpose, I didn't hurt anyone either.) Immaculate Machine got spun, and I was sold quickly on their late '80s new wave sound. Plus, I bet they don't snowboard on other people's old garbage in British Columbia.

Broken Ship [MP3, 4.0MB, 160kbps]
Phone No. [MP3, 4.1MB, 160kbps]

Posted by joe on 01.05.06 | Buy from Amazon, Insound
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