13 & God

Label: Anticon
Genre: Electronic, Pop

Remember the old Reese's commercials? A woman holding an open jar of peanut butter turns the corner and runs into a man with a chocolate bar. "You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!" Tragedy is avoided when the two taste their happy accident. 13 & God is just as happy an accident. Formed when German glitch-popsters, The Notwist, and No. Cal.'s avant hip-hop duo, Themselves, were stranded while touring Canada. With time to kill and a penchant for collaborating, well, they made beautiful music together. On this track The Notwist flavor is dominant, but I expect Doseone (Themselves) a bit more on the mic for the album. "Two great tastes that (surprisingly) go great together."

Men of Station [MP3, 4.4MB, 160kbps]


Posted by sean on 04.03.05 | Buy from Amazon, Insound
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