Bishop Allen

Label: None
Genre: Pop, Rock

Marci's her name. I think the first thing she said to me was along the lines of, "Do you like good music?" That led to a CD exchange: her Bishop Allen Charm School to me, my Postal Service Give Up to her. I also threw in my Christmas 2003 mix for good measure, just to see if she liked good music. Now I swear Bishop Allen has been used on some Fox and/or WB show, you know at the end the voiceover says "Tonight's episode of the 'OC' featured music by...(then lowering his voice an octave)...Bishop Allen." I know the natural reaction is to immediately reject all bands featured on the OC, but please, I ask you, give Bishop Allen a chance. Hmmm, when's the season premier of the 'OC'?

Busted Heart [MP3, 5.3MB, 192kbps]
Things Are What You Make of Them [MP3, 4.5MB, 160kbps]
Eve of Destruction [MP3, 3.2MB, 160kbps]
Little Black Ache [MP3, 4.1MB, 160kbps]

Posted by clay on 10.06.04 | Buy from Amazon, Insound
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